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 Les Dialogues de Bloodborne

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MessageSujet: Les Dialogues de Bloodborne   Sam 24 Juin - 16:54

Ce topic a pour but de répertorier tous les dialogues de Bloodborne. Il contient bien évidemment des spoils.

Le topic sera en deux parties, la première les dialogues du jeu, la seconde les dialogues qui ont été ajoutés avec le DLC.
Important : Je n'aime pas la vf de Bloodborne. Elle n'est pas très bien traduite, et une grande partie des dialogues perdent de leur tonalité, comparée à la ve. Les dialogues suivants seront donc en anglais, je ferais peut-être un autre post avec les dialogues en français. Il faudra que je sache si vous préférez les dialogues français tels qu'ils sont dans  le jeu, ou que j'apporte quelques corrections sur ces dialogues.

~ First Part : Dialogues from the Main Game ~

- Alfred, Hunter of Vilebloods

(First Encounter)
You're a beast hunter, aren't you ? I knew it. That's precisely how I started out !
Oh, beg pardon, you may call me Alfred. Protégé of Master Logarius, hunter of Vilebloods.
So, what say you ? Our prey might differ, but we are hunters, the both of us.
Why not cooperate, and discuss the things we have learned ?

(Answer "no")
Well, that's most unfortunate. But, if you have a change of heart, you know where to come. We are, after all, fellow hunters, and tonight we hunt !

(Talking to him after answering "no")
Oh, changed our mind, have we ? Then perhaps we can cooperate, and discuss what we've learned.

(Answer "yes")
Oh-hoh ! Very good, very good indeed ! Take this, to celebrate our acquaintance.
Beast hunting is a sacred practice. May the good blood guide your way.

There must be oodles for us to share ! Go on, just tell me what piques your interest.

(Answer "The Healing Church")
As you know, the Healing Church is the fountainhead of blood healing. Well, I'm a simple hunter, quite unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the institution.
But I have heard that the holy medium of blood healing is venerated in the main cathedral.
And that councilors of the old church reside in the high stratum of the Cathedral Ward.
If you seek blood healing, and the church is willing, you should pay them a visit.

(Answer "Byrgenwerth")
Byrgenwerth is an old place of learning. And the tomb of the gods, carved out below Yharnam, should be familiar to every hunter.
Well, once, a group of young Byrgenwerth scholars discovered a holy medium deep within the tomb.
This led to the founding of the Healing Church, and the establishment of blood healing.
In this sense, everything sacred in Yharnam can be traced back to Byrgenwerth.
But today, the college lies deep within a tangled wood, abandoned and decrepit. And futhermore, the Healing Church has declared Byrgenwerth forbidden ground.
It's unclear how many of its scholars remain alive... But only they know the password that allows passage through the gate.

I bid you farewell. It has been a pleasure. May the good blood guide your way.

(Attack him)
Just what is the meaning of this ? Why turn your blade on me ?
You get the blood get the best of you... He he he...
You'll regret this...

(Second Encounter)
Oh-hoh ! Good to see you safe. Now, let's think up something to discuss. Just tell me what piques your interest.

(Answer "Corrupted Vilebloods")
Ah-hah ! There's something I want to tell you. A bit of wisdom, from the eminent Master Logarius.
Once, a scholar betrayed his fellows at Byrgenwerth, and brought forbidden blood back with Jim to Cainhurst Castle.
It was there, that the first of the inhuman Vilebloods was born. The Vilebloods are fiendish créatures, who treaten the purity of the Church's blood healing.
The Ruler of the Vilebloods is still alive today, and so, to honour my master's wishes, I search for the path to Cainhurst Castle.
In his time, Master Logarius led his executioners into Cainhurst Castle to cleanse it from the Vilebloods.
But all did not go well and Master Logarius became a blessed anchor, guarding us from evil.
Tragic, tragic time ... that Master Logarius should be abandoned in the accursed domain of the Vilebloods.
I must free him, si that he may be properly honored in martyrdom.

(After give him "Unopened Summons")
Ah-hah ! Is that ... the Sigil of Cainhurst ? I've heard tell of Cainhurst nobles, and their amusingly pompous invitations.
Wonderful ! I thank you profusely... I will depart immediatly. But first, a token of my gratitude...
Ah, I feel my master's hand at work. Praise the good blood ! And let us cleanse these tarnished streets.

It has been an honor, but I must say good-bye. Let us cleanse these tarnished streets. And may the good blood guide your way.

(In Cainhurst Castle)
Master, look ! I've done it, I've done it ! I smashed and pounded and grounded this rotten siren into fleshy punk pulp !
There, you filthy monstrosity ! What good's your immortality now ! Try stirring up trouble in this sorry state ! All mangled and twisted, with every inside on the outside, for all the world to see ! He he he heh heh haha haaah !
He he heh oh... You, is it ? Look at this ! Thanks to you, I've done it ! Well ? Isn't it wonderful ? Now master can be canonised as a true martyr !
Ha ha ha ha ha... I've done it, I have... Hah-ha ha ha ha !

(Attack him)
Just, what is the meaning of this ? Why turn your blade on me ?... You're jealous, aren't you ?
Unclean wench ! Vile monstrosity ! Bloody fool ! Has the blood gone to your head ? Pathetic ! As you deserve !
The blood ! You've spilled my blood !

(Be killed)
A hunter's grudge is an awful thing. You must find your own way on this hunt. As I have mine.

(Kill him)
Pray for Master Logarius in my stead...

Long ago, Old Yharnam was overrun by the plague of beasts, and left to rot and decay. And now the only voices heard there are the hawls of beasts.

- Annalise, Vileblood Queen

(First Encounter)
Visitor... I claim no subjects, but here lieth Our throne. Kneel before Us ... or get thee gone.

Such impudence. Defiled, are We, yet still Queen. We shall not give audience to an ill-mannered beast. Get thee gone.

Visitor... Moon-scented hunter... I am Annalise, Queen of Castle Cainhurst. Ruler of the Vilebloods, and sworn ennemy of the church.
Yet, Our people are murdered, and We are prisoner to this wretched mask. What is it thou'rt in search of ?

(Answer "Swear Oath to the Vilebloods")
Well well... An odd hunter thou art indeed... We've tired of these piteous nights. Share in Our plight, and take oath against the church.
If thou wouldst this path walk ... I prithee partake of my rotted blood.

(Answer "Refuse")
A wise choice... There is no more to said. Away from mine gaze.

(Leave and Return)
Speak thy mind.

(Answer "Swear Vileblood Oath")
Very well. Drink deep of Our blood. Feel the spreading corruption burn. Heh heh heh...
Now thou'rt too a Vileblood. We two, the very last on this earth.
We await thy return. This chamber was not made for one alone. For the honour of Cainhurst.

More talk to be had ?
Closest of kin, bearer of Our blood, I welcome thee. What is thy wish ?

(Offer blood dreg)
Thy gift pleases Us. Let this reward be thine. Indulge thyself in Our tainted blood. Heh heh heh...

(Don't kneel)
Arrant fool ! Vileblood or no, forget not : We are thy Queen. Bend the knee. Vileblood or no, respect will be shewn. Kneel. Kneel !

(Attack her)
Enough. If only Our life was so easily forfeit... Grieve not, for Us.
How sad this is. If only Our life was so easily forfeit...

(Don't kneel after attacking her)

(Kneel after attacking her)
Well, well. Thou wearest a second face. Heh heh heh... It matters not. Our flesh is undying. Speak thy mind.

(Show her the ring of Bethrothal)
Speak not, those words. We have little need of a consort. Such a path would belike lead to further ruin. Thou'rt dear to Us. We would see no harm befall thee.
Ahh, still thy honeyed tongue... The thought alone sufficeth. Thy worth is too great. Now, speak no more on the matter.
Honestly !
We await thy return. For the honour of Cainhurst.

- Arianna, Women of Pleasure
Note : Beware, you can be watched in every moments...

(First Encounter, Male character)
Oh my, what a queer scent... But I'd take it over the stench of blood and beasts any day.
What is it then ? I'm off during hunts, so if that's what you're here for, I'll leave you to your own devices. If that doesn't do it, come back in the morning, darling. Heh heh...
I'm off during hunts. Come back in the morning, darling. Heh heh...

(First Encounter, Female character)
Oh my, what a queer scent... But I'd take it over the stench of blood and beasts any day.
What is it then ? I'm off during hunts, and besides, this is no place for ladies... Wouldn't want to drag you down too, hah hah...
I'm off during hunts, and besides, this is no place for ladies... Heh heh...

Oh, thank goodness. You're a hunter, right ? Might you know of a safe place ? The night is long, and I've very little of the incense left... Please, there must be some nice place to run off to ?

(Withhold information)
Oh, that's a shame... Well, if you do find a safe place do be a dear and tell me. Around here you are the only one I can turn to. You understand, don't you ?

(Leave and Talk)
Oh, hello there. Come to see me ? Have you found any safe places ?

(Answer "Send to Oedon Chapel" or "Send to Iosefka's Clinic")
Oh, thank you, darling ! Maybe I'll see you there ! Heh heh !

(If send to Iosefka's Clinic with Iosefka killed) (To verify, maybe when send to Oedon Chapel with Dweller killed)
Oh, there you are ! Not too safe here, after all, is it ? But I'm not concerned. I've no better place to go, and you where terribly kind to show me there. Heh heh...
I'd like to tender my thanks, but I haven't much to offer. All I can give is my blood, but would you even take a whore's blood ?

Yes, I see. I suppose that's natural. If you ever change your mind, you know where I'll be. Heh heh...

Oh good. Come close, dear. I knew you'd be back for more... Heh heh...

(Re-ask for blood)
Oh, hello. Sorry dear, you're much too eager. I've only so much blood, okay ?

(Carry special blood)
Oh you ! I'm sorry, I can't help you. Unless ... you've had a change of heart ?

(Leave and Talk)
I've no better place to go, heh heh... Back for more of my blood, I presume ?

(Ask for blood)
Oh, that's a pity. Anytime you're ready.
Oh good. Come close, dear. I knew you'd be back for more... Heh heh...

(If send to Oedon Chapel)
Oh, hello dear. You weren't lying, this is a safe place. Thank you, I am in your debt.
I'd like to tender my thanks, but I can't imaginé what to offer... All I can give is my blood, but would you even take a whore's blood ?

Yes, I see. I suppose that's natural. I won't try to tempt you. Heh heh...

Yes, of course ! I'm sorry, I ask too many questions. I'm very thankful for what you've done.
Oh good. Come close dear. Don't worry, I've done this before. Heh heh...

(Carry special blood)
Oh you ! I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't help. Unless ... you've had a change of heart ?

(Leave and Talk with all NPC in Oedon Chapel)
Oh, hello ! The whole town's turned, has it ? Quite a big family now, aren't we ? Though I'm afraid I seem to be the black sheep, heh... Back for my blood, I presume ?

(Ask for blood)
Oh good. Come close, dear. I'm always happy to help.

I see. Well, come again whenever you please.

(After kill Rom)
Oh, there you are... Forgive me, I'm a bit out of sorts. So, no blood today, I'm afraid.
Oh, there's something wrong with me...

(With Nightmare Baby)
It can't be ! This is a nightmare ! Snif... Heh heh... Heh heh haha hah... Hah hah hah... Hah haaaaaaaa... Haaaaaaaa... What have I done ?

- Blood Minister

Oh yes, Paleblood... Heh ! Well, you've come to the right place. Yharnam is the home of blood ministration. You need only unravel its mystery.
But where's an outsider like yourself to begin ? Easy, with a bit of Yharnam blood of your own. But first, you need a contract.
Good, all signed and sealed. Now, let's begin the transfusion. Oh, don't you worry. Whatever happens, you may think it all a mere bad dream. Heh heh... Hah hah hah !

- Djura, Retired Hunter

(In Old Yharnam)
You there, hunter. Didn't you see the warning ? Turn back at once. Old Yharnam, burned and abandoned by men, is now home only to beasts.
They are of no harm to those above. Turn back ... or thé hunter will face the hunt.
You are a skilled hunter. Adept, merciless, half-cut with blood. As the best hunters are. Which is why I must stop you !

(Kills you)
I should think you still have dreams ? Well, the next time you dream, give some thought ... to the hunt, and its purpose.

(Kill Paarl)
Well, well... How did you get in there ? Ah, it's no matter. What brings you to Old Yharnam ?
I've no interest in matters further up, but you must not disturb this place. The beasts do not venture above, and mean no harm to anyone.
If you still insist on hunting them, then I will hunt you first. You understand me ?

(Answer "Kill the beasts")
Of course, I've thought as much. You are a true hunter. Which is why I must stop you !

(Answer "Spare the beasts")
Yes, very good. I no longer dream, but I was once a hunter, too. There's nothing more horrific than a hunt.
In case you've failed to realize... The things you hunt, they're not beasts. They're people. One day, you will see...
Hmmm, it's time you got going... But first, a farewell gift. I have no use for it anyway.
What is it ? Surely I need not repeat myself. Go, I say ! You have the whole night to dream. Make the best of it.

(Attack him after friendly him)
Is it the blood, or are you just raving mad ? When the frail of heart join the fray ... the hunter becomes the hunted !

(Kills you after friendly him)
Then come as often as you like, and I will show you another death.

(Attack an ennemy after friendly him)
Heh heh, you devious rat ! The makings of a true hunter, this lass ! Very well. Then there's no need to hold back ! The beasts will feast tonight !

(Kill him)
But remember one thing : you're not hunting beasts... It's you... You are the beast... Just think about what you're doing. It's utter madness...

- Doctor Iosefka & Impostor Doctor

(First Encounter, before Cathedral Ward lamp)
Are you ... out on the hunt ? Then I'm very sorry, but ... I cannot open this door. I am Iosefka. The patients here in my clinic must not be exposed to infection. I know that you hunt for us, for our town, but I'm sorry. Please. This is all that I can do. Now, go. And good hunting.

(With Iosefka's blood)
Are you still in need of something ? But I have nothing more to offer. Please, try to understand my position. I can only pray for a fruitful hunt.

(Ask for your second Iosefka's blood)
You are safe, thank goodness. But, I'm nothing will change, I cannot open the door. I'll do what I can, of course. Perhaps this will help you, if only in some small way. Now, go. I pray for your safety.

(Ask for your fourth Iosefka's blood)
Ahh, you are safe. Thank goodness. But I'm afraid nothing will change my mind. I cannot open the door. I'll do what I can, of course. Perhaps this will help you, if only in some small way.
This night is long, but morning always comes. Someone of your caliber won't fail us, I am certain. And once the night of the hunt ends, we can speak face-to-face. Then I can finally see what you look like.
I shouldn't be thinking this, but I am rather looking forward to it. So please, be careful out there.

(With Iosefka's blood, after Receive your fourth one)
I'm sorry, I have nothing else to offer you. I will pray for your safety. May light shine upon this night, and your fortunes.

(Attack her)
Ahh ! Ohh !
Please, stop ! It's beasts you hunt. Why are you behaving like one ? This can't be the real you... Please, stop...

(Talk after Attack her)
Are you calm again ? Thank goodness. You mustn't let the hunt overcome you. Remember yourself. You are not a beast.

(Attack her)
You're no more than a beast. I should've known...

(Reach Cathedral Ward lamp)
Oh, well, hello... Splendid, let me ask you a small kindness. You're soon off to hunt, I presume ? Then, if you find any survivors, tell them to seek Iosefka's Clinic. Upon my Hippocratic oath, if they are yet human, I will look after them, perhaps even cure them.
This sickness, these beasts, they are not to be feared. This time the night is long. I might be trapped here, but I should do something to help. I'll even offer a reward for your co-operation. Tempted ?
Well, off you go then. If you find anyone who's still human, send them straight to Iosefka's Clinic. You can assure them, there's no place safer. Please, do me this service.
Oh, hello. You made it. Find any survivors ? Or only beasts ? Tell anyone who's human about Iosefka's Clinic. I will take proper care of them. They're in your hands, and soon, mine...

(Send a female NPC)
Oh, hello ! You're alright. Very good. She's safe with me now. I presume you're to thank ?

(Send a male NPC)
Oh, hello ! You're alright. Very good. He's safe with me now. I presume you're to thank ?

The treatment is going well, stabilised for the most part. Fascinating, really. Here you are, as promised.
Oh, thank goodness you came... Be a dear find me some more. Heh heh heh...
There may yet be humans out there. If you find them, send them to Iosefka's Clinic. I endeavour to treat every survivor there is. So please, be a saint.

(Enter the Clinic)
Ah, moonlit scents... How did you worm your way in here ? Very unfortunate. I had such high hopes for you. Well, I won't make any excuses. Would you mind leaving us alone ?
Things need not change... You'll do the rescuing, and I'll do the saving. But if you refuse to leave... Ah, well... I've always wanted to try my hand on a hunter. Hah ha ha !

(Aggro her after Enter the Clinic)
This won't hurt a bit ! I'll soon have you right as rain.
Hush, hush... Stay still... This won't hurt a bit ! I'll soon have you right as rain. Just, die ! Enough of you ! Now, stop that !

(Kills you)
Oh, how exciting ! I've never worked on a hunter before...

(Kill her)
Curse this oblivious fool...

(Talk after Enter the Clinic without aggro her)
Oh, hello. Still alive, are you ? I need more patients. There aren't many humans left, I know. But find me every last one you can.
We must find a way, to surpass our own stupidity. You're one of the bright ones. Don't you see, how much this means ?

(Send Lonely Old Dear)
Oh, hello. You're safe. What a relief. She's safe with me now. I'm thrilled to have another. Here you are, as promised.

(Send Skeptical Man)
Oh, hello. You're safe. What a relief. He's safe with me now. I'm thrilled to have another. Here you are, as promised.

(Send three NPC)
What would I ever make without you ? You're really making a difference. Heh heh heh...
If you find any humans, bring them to me. I'm depending on you, brave hunter. Heh heh heh...

(Send Suspicious beggar)
Oh, hello, you're alive. Good. I've received another patient. This time I'll be trying old blood. I've achieved much, and I owe it all to you. Take this, as thanks. Custom made. And cheers, to the discovery of kinship. Doesn't it make you feel warm inside ? Heh heh heh...

(Attack through the door)
Can't anyone comprehend ? That'll be quite enough of you, then. Isn't it time someone put you out of your misery ?

(Enter the Clinic after Kill Rom)
God, I'm nauseous... Have you ever felt this ? It's progressing. I can see things... I knew it, I'm different. I'm no beast... I... Oh... God, it feels awful... But, it proves that I'm chosen. Don't you see ? How they writhe, writhe inside my head... It's ... rather ... rapturous... Heeeeeee heh heh...

- Eileen, Hoonter of Hoonters

(Central Yharnam)
Oh, a hoonter, are ya ? And an outsider ? What a mess you've been caught up in. And tonight, of all nights. Here, to welcome the new hoonter.
Prepare yourself for the worst. There are no humans left. They're all flesh-hoongry beasts, now.
Still lingering about ? What's wrong ? A hoonter, oonnerved by a few beasts ? Heh heh... No matter. Without fear in our hearts, we're little different from the beasts themselves.
What are you still doing here ? Enough trembling in your boots. A hoonter moost hoont.

(Attack her)
Look at you, you sorry drunk. I'll string you up like the filthy beast you are. You shall not abscond your crimes.
Were you not once a hoonter ? Is this sincerely what you want ? That's enough now... No one will blame you.

(Kills you)
You still have dreams ? Tell the little doll I said hello...

(Cathedral Ward)
Oh, hello there. Perfect timing. I moost warn you, not to go near the tomb below Oedon Chapel in the Cathedral Ward. Henryk, an old hoonter, has gone mad. And he's my mark...
Don't go near the tomb below Oedon Chapel in the Cathedral Ward. I have business there first... Heh he...

(At Tomb of Oedon)
Eh... Eh...
That wasn't necessary of ya. But you have my thanks. We made it with our lives... You're not bad at all. You must have killed Gascoigne has well then.
He was falling apart, I'm sure it has to be done. But try to keep your hands clean... A hoonter should hoont beasts. Leave the hoonting of hoonters, to me. Heh heh...
Try to keep your hands clean... Leave the hoonting of hoonters, to me. Heh heh...

(At the Grand Cathedral)
Oh, is that you again ? I'm afraid I've made a bit of a blunder. I'm just going to have a short rest. Oh, don't worry, I've taken blood. Enough to save an old woman.
No more dreams for me. This is my last chance. What a fool I am. I'll have to tread carefully. But that thing still lies in wait. Turn back. This is my score to settle.
My prey lies in wait this way. Turn back. This is my score to settle.

(Kill the hoonter)
Don't you ever listen to your elders ? No matter, you did save my life. I don't seem to be apt for this life anymore... My glory days were long ago now...
Hmmm, I know... Here, for you. This too is hoonter's work, but bears no honor. A burden you may choose to carry. The decision is yours alone.
Ahh, my eyes grow heavy... Let me rest a while... I'll be fine, just wait...

(Kill her)
You can't go on like this...

(When hostile at Grand Cathedral)
Heh heh... Few hoonters can resist the intoxication of the hoont. Look at you, just the same as all the rest... The hoonters must die... The nightmare moost end... Only I can stop this madness ! Heh heh heh...
The hoont makes hoonters mad ! Heh heh heh ha hah hah ha !
The beasts cannot be stopped ! What good are hoonters now ? Your blood is mine ! A hoonter's blood for me ! Your poonishment is death ! Death to hoonters ! Enough of this terrible dream ! Hah hah hah !

(Kill her)
Ahh... You monsters... All hoonters must die ! Heh heh heh !

- Father Gascoigne

(Boss fight)
Beasts all over the shop... You'll be one of them, sooner or later...
What's that smell ? The sweet blood, oh, it sings to me. It's enough to make a man sick... Hah hah hah !
Too proud to show your true face, eh ? But a sporting hunt, it was !
Forgive me... (?)

Let there be no doubt. If it moves, you can be sure it's a beast. And even if it doesn't, well, don't take any chances ! Hah hah hah !

- Gatekeeper

(At the Gate)
The password ... password ... the password ... knows I'm at the door and got to ... got to close the door ... got to close... Heeeeeee...
Oh no, no, no, someone at the door, got to get the door ... let's get the door, let's get the door ... who's there, who's there...
Don't you wish you could hear them when they're coming ... you mustn't ... oh, no, no ... it bit me, bit me ... he was bleeding...
Oh no, no, no, he was bleeding, he wasn't ... knock ... no, no, no, not like that, not that, no, no, no... Mmmmmm...

Gotta get the door, must get the door, no, no, no, knock, knock, knock, all day, knock, knock, knock, knock all day, all day, all day, all day... Hah !
All day ... knock, knock, knock, knock...
Heeeeeee heh heh... Heh heh hee...
Heeeeeee he he he he... Hah hah...
Mmmh heh heh... Hi hi heh heh haha hah ho ho ho...

- Gehrman, the First Hunter

(First Encounter)
Ah-hah, you must be the new hunter, eh ? Welcome to the Hunter's Dream. This will be your home, for now. I am ... Gehrman, friend to you hunters.
You're sure to be in a fine haze about now, but don't think too hard about all of this. Just go out and kill a few beasts, it's for your own good.
You know, it's just what hunters do. You'll get used to it.
This was once a safe heaven for hunters. A workshop where hunters used blood to enhance their weapons and flesh.
We don't have as many tools as we once did, but ... you're welcome to use whatever you find. Even the Doll, should it please you.

(After kill Gascoigne)
The moon is close. It will be a long hunt tonight. If the beasts loom large, and threaten to crush your spirits, seek a Holy Chalice. As every hunter before you as.
A Holy Chalice will reveal the tomb of the gods, where hunters partake in communion...
Most of the Holy Chalice lie deep within the tomb of the gods. And the few that found their way to the surface ... were lost again in the hands of men.
But if the old hunter tales remain true ... one of the Holy Chalices is worshipped in the valley hamlet.
Yet the town is in disarray... It was burned and abandoned, for fear of the scourge, home now only to beasts. The perfect place for a hunter, wouldn't you say ?
One of the Holy Chalices is worshipped in the valley hamlet. A town of beasts... The perfect place for a hunter...

(After kill Blood Starved Beast)
The Healing Church and the Blood Ministers who belong to it were once guardians of the hunters, in the times of the hunter... Ludwig.
They worked and forged weapons, in their unique workshop. Today, most ministers don't recall the hunters. But they have much to offer you.
And so, heed the message of your forebears. Ascend to Oedon Chapel.
Ascend to Oedon Chapel. From there, you will find the church workshop.

(With 15 insight, after met Vicar Amelia)
Oh, Laurence... What's taking you so long ? I've grown too old for this, of little use now, I'm afraid...

(After kill Rom, outside his house)
Oh, Laurence... Master Willem... Somebody, help me... Unshackle me, please, anybody... I've had enough of this dream... The night blocks all sight... Oh, somebody, please... Huh huh huh...

(After kill Mergo's Wet Nurse, under the great tree)
Good hunter, you've done well. The night is near its end. Now I will show you mercy. You will die, forget the dream, and awake under the morning sun. You will be freed ... from this terrible Hunter's Dream.

(Answer "Submit Your Life")
Farewell, my keen hunter. Fear the Blood.

(Answer "Refuse")
Dear, oh dear. What was it ? The Hunt ? The Blood ? Or the horrible dream ? Oh, it doesn't matter... It always comes down to the hunter's helper to clean up after these sort of messes.
Tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt.

(Kills you)
You must accept your death. Be freed from the night...

(Kill him)
The night, and the dream, were long...

- Gilbert, Critically Ill Man

Oh, you must be the new hunter. And not one from around here, either. I'm Gilbert, a fellow outsider.
You must have had a fine time of it. Yarnham as a special way of treating guests. I don't think I could stand if I wanted to...
But I'm willing to help, if there's anything that can be done. This town is cursed. Whatever your reasons might be you should plan a swift exit.
Whatever can be gained from this place, it will do more harm than good.
Paleblood, you say ? Hmm... Never heard of it. But if it's blood you're interested in, you should try the Healing Church.
The church controls all knowledge on blood ministration, and all varieties of blood. Across the valley to the East of Yharnam lies the town of the Healing Church, known as the Cathedral Ward.
And deep within the Cathedral Ward is the old grand cathedral. The birthplace of the Healing Church's special blood, or so they say. Huh hum hum...
Yharnamites don't share much with outsiders. Normally, they wouldn't let you near the place, but ... the hunt is on tonight. This might be your chance...
Across the valley to the East of Yharnam you'll find the Cathedral Ward. Deep within lies the old main cathedral, said to be the source of blood.
I haven't heard of Paleblood, but that's your best bet if it's anything to do with unique types of blood. Huh hum hum...
Yes, I see... But the great bridge is the only way to the Cathedral Ward. And during the hunt, the bridge is closed.
Hmm... You could try the aqueduct ? There's a rather, how shall I put it, colourful area south of the great bridge.
From there, an aqueduct leads to the Cathedral Ward. Huh hum hum... Not a place you'd normally want to visit, but ... I don't imagine you have much of a choice. Do you ? Huh hum hum...
An aqueduct leads from the town, south of the main bridge to the Cathedral Ward. Not a place you'd normally choose to visit, but ... not much of a choice, with the bridge closed. Huh hum hum...

(After enter Oedon Chapel)
Ahh, you needn't concern yourself with me. I'm afraid I'm of little help now. But before I... Take this... I made no use of it, but perhaps you... Huh hum hum...
What afflicted me was incurable, but this town gave me hope... Their strange blood bought me time. I was most fortunate. Unharmed by the plague of beasts. I can even die human...
Ah, don't you worry about me... Huh hum hum...
Have I heard of Byrgenwerth ? Afraid I can't say that I have. The locals aren't apt to share any local history. Huh hum hum... I'm afraid I may not be of help much longer. Huh hum hum...
Hmm... I know nothing of a Byrgenwerth... And I'm afraid I may not be of help for much longer... Huh hum hum...
Huh hum hum... Why... me...? Why...? Dear gods, what have I done ? Save me, please... Save me... Huh hum hum...

(Throw a pebbel at his window)
Mm ? Mm ? Is something wrong ? Huh hum hum... Stop this nonsense at once.

(Throw again)
So, you've gone over the edge. A terrible pity. Just another Yharno now. Huh hum hum...

- Little and Older Sisters

(First Encounter)
Who ... are you ? I don't know your voice, but I know that smell... Are you a hunter ? Then, please, will you look for my mum ?
Daddy never came back from the hunt, and she went to find him, but now she's gone, too... I'm all alone ... and scared...

(Answer "Refuse")
Oh, alright. Well, thanks miss hunter, for talking at least.
Take care on your hunt. Thanks for chatting. Please be careful out there.
Oh, alright. Well, thanks mister hunter, for talking at least.
Take care on your hunt. Thanks for chatting. Please be careful out  there.

(Reload after Refuse)
Are you that hunter ? Can you look for my mum ?

(Answer "Find Girl's Mother")
Really ? Oh, thank you ! My mum wears a red jewelled brooch. It's so big and ... and beautiful.
You won't miss it. Oh, I musn't forget. If you find my mum, give her this music box.
It plays one of daddy's favorite songs. And when daddy forgets us we play it for him so he remembers. Mum's so silly, running off without it !
My mum wears a red jewelled brooch. It's so big and beautiful. You won't miss it. Oh, and if you find her, give her this music box. Please, I know you can do it.

(Come again)
Hello, miss hunter. Still can't find my mum ?
Hello, mister hunter. Still can't find my mum ?

(Give her the brooch)
Miss hunter ? Was it really her ? Mummy... Mummy... Don't leave me alone... Huh huh...
Mister hunter ? Was it really her ? Mummy... Mummy... Don't leave me alone... Huh huh...

(Don't give her the brooch)
Yes, okay. I can wait. Mum knows I'm very brave, and you're very kind. I'll be a good girl. I promise.

(Answer "No")
Oh, okay. I can wait. But ... isn't there something I can do ? Maybe mum and dad are stuck out there, waiting for me to come and find them.
What do you think, miss hunter ?
What do you think, mister hunter ?

(Answer "Withhold information")
Yes, okay. I can wait. I won't be afraid. I know... I do. The morning always comes.

(Answer "Tell her about Oedon Chapel" or "Tell her about Iosefka's Clinic")
Yes, okay ! Thank you, miss hunter. I love you almost as much as mum and dad, and granddad !
Yes, okay ! Thank you, mister hunter. I love you almost as much as mum and dad, and granddad !

(After Refuse and Defeat Vicar Amelia)
Mum... Come home... I'm alone... I'm scared... It's not fair...!

(After Pick up her ribbon)
Oh, you haven't by chance ... seen my little sister, have you ? I told her to look after the house, but she's run off somewhere.
She's still quite small, and wears a big white ribbon. Have you seen her out there anywhere ?

(Do not give her the red ribbon)
Oh, okay then. But if you do see her, would you give me word ? She's a small girl, with a big white ribbon. My dear little sister...

(Talk again)
Oh, back again ? Any news of my sister ?

(Give her the red ribbon)
Oh, how did this happen... Why would she ever go outside ? At least ... I have something to remember her by. Huh huh...

(After defeat Rom)
What a perfect ribbon, and now it's mine. I can't wait to try it on. Heh heh... Oh, it's wonderful... Heh heh...

- Lonely Old Dear

(First Encounter)
Oh, you're a hunter, aren't ya ? Then, well, do you know of any safe places ?

(Knock her door)
I've heard, I have. Shutting up indoors isn't always enough. Well, if you hunters got off your arses, we wouldn't be in this mess !
You're obligated to help me, you hear ? So, what'll it be ? Are you gonna tell me, or not ?

(Answer "No")
Yeah, I should've known. Ya good-for-nothing... No respect for the elderly is what that is !
Yeah, fat lot of good you outsiders do. Go on, admit it, you think we're all mad, don't ya ? Well, go and stuff it ! I know all yer tricks !

(Knock again)
What is it now ? I've much better ways to pass the time. Unless ... you've found me a nice, safe place ?

(Answer "Tell her about Oedon Chapel/Tell her about Iosefka's Clinic")
Well, what do you know ? An outsider worth a lick of salt. Well, don't just stand there ! Don't you have work to do ? Go slit some throats ! Get this mess done with !

(Knock again)
Oh, enough with you ! Trot along, chop, chop !

(At Oedon Chapel)
Oh, no. I haven't forgotten. Do you think I owe you something ? Well, that's a fine lark, I'd say !
This whole mess that Yharnam's in, it's all your fault. You fidgety outsiders ! Our blood's ruined, tainted by your ilk. Don't you come near me ! I know your type.
You ! Stay away from me ! I know all your tricks.
Ohh... How did we ever get into this mess... Huh... Heh hah ha !
Oh, the good old days, what a laugh, eh ? Heh heh hah hah hah !

(Attack her)
Ah ! Ahh ! What's got into you ? Curse you stranger !

(Dementia state)
Oh, there you are. You're home early, dear. Is anything the matter ? You can always tell me. Mother will make everything better.
What's wrong ? Anything you'd like to tell me ?
Ah, welcome home dear. What's wrong ? Anything you'd like to tell me ?

(Answer "No")
Oh good, what a relief. You always were the brave one. But you can't bottle everything up inside. You mustn't be afraid to share. Huh huh...

(Answer "I have my share of woes")
Oh my... You poor thing. But don't you worry. Huh huh... This will help you forget. Forget your troubles, forget your cares...

(Retalk after Answer "I have my share of woes")
Ohh, what is it, dear ? Are you in a bind again ?

(Answer "I have my share of woes" while not have killed a boss between the precedent time you asked)
Oh my... You poor thing. Now, now, have some patience. Mother will make everything better. Huh huh...
Now, now. Be patient.

(Answer "I have my share of woes" while have killed a boss between the precedent time you asked)
Ah, welcome home dear. You've been very, very patient. Here you are... This will help you forget. Forget your troubles, forget your cares... Heh heh...

(Attack her)
Ah ! Ahh ! What's wrong with you ? I'm your mother, don't you see ?

(Kill her)
It's ... your father's blood...

- Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

(Boss fight)
Ahh, Kos, or some say Kosm... Do you hear our prayers ? No, we shall not abandon the dream. No one can catch us ! No one can stop us now... Ah ah !
Oh ! Majestic ! A hunter is a hunter, even in a dream. But, alas, not too fast ! The nightmare swirls and churns unending !
Ahh, Kos, or some say Kosm... Do you hear our prayers ? As you once did for the vacuous Rom, grant us eyes, grant us eyes !
Plant eyes on our brains, to cleanse our beastly idiocy. The grand lake of mud, hidden now, from sight. The cosmos, of course !
Let us sit about, and speak feverishly. Chatting into the wee hours of ... new ideas, of the higher plane !
Aaaaaaaouuuuh ! Ouuuuuuuh !
Aaaaaaah ! Now I'm waking up, I'll forget everything...

- Narrow Minded Man

(First Encounter)
You... You're not from around here, are ya ? What, an outsider who's come to join the hunt ? What a pathetic idea.
You what ? What, you think I'm a beast ? Well, maybe I think you're a beast ! And step away from my castle !
Ohh, enough of you ! What, you think this is funny ? Well, I certainly don't, so be gone with ya ! I'll have nothing to do with your beast hunts !
Oh, enough with you already. Come on, just go, will ya ?

(After Tell Arianna about a safe place)
What's this two-bit nonsense you're peddlin' ? I heard you tell that wench about some shelter.
Well, she's a damn fool to trust an outsider. Why ? Well, her sort's probably just fixin' to thieve some of your coin, ha ha hah...
Oh, alright. What crafty lies does the outsider have today ? You think I'm an easy mark ? Yeah ? Well, give me your best shot.

(Answer "Refuse")
What, afraid your lies will be exposed ? Yeah, I knew you'd back off, I just knew it. Yeah, an outsider, you might be, but at least you know when you're bested ! Hah ha hah...

(Talk again)
You just can't help yourself, can ya ? Go on then, fine. Go on, tell me all about it, your little safe heaven... Hah hah hah...
What ? Still praying on folks with your book of lies ? Yep, fine, come on. Show me what you've got. Tell me about your little place, hah hah...

(Answer "Tell him about Oedon Chapel" or "Tell him about Iosefka's Clinic")
Hmph ! Yeah, sorry, too sharp for that bollocks. I know a superstition when I hear one. Outsiders... Even their lies are predictable.

(At Oedon Chapel)
Ah, you, the swindlin' offcomer. Did you really think that'd work ? There's no fooling me. Now, off with ya, you heard me ! Go away ! I can't stand the stench of your lyin' breath !
Ohh, give it a rest, please. I've no time for your petty lies. Away, just go away, now ! I can't stand the stench of your lyin' breath.
I'll spare you one nugget of advice. Beware the blind man. There, the beggar sits, at the bottom of the bloody food chain... And then he's here, acting like he owns the place...
He's not to be trusted. What's he want with all those people anyway ? That little weasel has a murky past, I'm tellin ya.
I'll spare you one nugget of advice. Beware the lady of the night. I can see it in her eyes... She deeply resents the young saint. She hears people whisper, she knows what people think of her. Yeah, she despises the saint for having what she doesn't. Bloody wench, they shoulda moved her on ages ago.
Ahh, your lies spin a web, but I see through your deceit ! I did not learn from books. No, no, no, no, no... I learned it all with my own mind...

- Oedon Chapel Dweller

(First Encounter)
Mm ? Oh, you must be a hunter. Very sorry, the incense must've masked your scent. Good, good. I've been waiting for one of your ilk.
These hunts have everyone all locked up inside, waiting for it to end... It always does, always has, y'know, since forever. But it won't end nicely, not this time.
Even some folks hiding inside are goin' bad. The screams of wimminfolk, the stench of blood, the snarls of beasts... None of em's too uncommun now. Yharnam done for, I tell ya.
But if you spot anyone with their wits about 'em... Tell 'em about this here Oedon Chapel. They'll be safe here. The incense wards off the beasts.
Spread the word... Tell 'em to come on over. If you wouldn't mind... Heh heh...
I know I shouldn't be askin' you, but... If you happen upon someone while hunting, tell'em about this here Oedon Chapel. If they seem worth being told that is... Oh, and I do sincerely hope they are, heh heh...

(Quit and Talk Again)
Ahh, the hunter. Alive and well, are ya ? This here's a safe place. Stay as long as you like. But ... next time you're out on a hunt, remember what I asked.
If you find any sane survivor, tell 'em to seek shelter at Oedon Chapel. Cause there's nothing to fear here... Hah hah...
If you find any sane survivor, well, send them along to Oedon Chapel, will ya ? Heh heh...

(After Send Lonely Old Dear)
Ahh, the hunter ! Thank you. So, that old girl, you told 'er about this place, right ? Well, she don't offer me much in the way of conversation, but still... I'd rather see 'er alive anyhow...

(After Send Arianna)
Ahh, kind hunter. Thank you. So, that lady, you told 'er about this place ? Well, she ... she actually talks to me ! Well, only now and then, and she don't mince words... But ... she's a kind one, I can tell. A good woman ! Heh heh...

(After Send Narrow Minded Men)
Ahh, the hunter ! Thank you. So, that old man, you told 'im about this place, right ? Well, he don't offer me much in the way of conversation, but still... I'd rather see 'im alive anyhow...

(After Send Sister Adella)
Ahh, the hunter ! Thank you. So, that 'oly woman, you told'er about this place, right ? Well, she don't offer me much in the way of conversation, but still... I'd rather see 'er alive anyhow...

(After Send all of those)
And... I sort of hoped that, my asking you, turned out to, you know, help 'em out in the end... I've never been to any use of anyone, you see... Just, happy about it, is all... Hah hah...

(After Send the Suspicious Beggar)
Ahh, the hunter. Alive and well, at that ! Another one you sent made it here safe and sound. This place is a haven now, for so many. Thanks to you. I'm... overjoyed, really. That you'd even give me the time o'day.
I don't suppose there's anybody out there worth savin' anymore. But you did all ya could, and so many owe you so much. Amazing, really. Not 'cause you're a hunter, but because you're you. Heh heh...
Makes me think, once dawn breaks, maybe I can just, you know, start over. Makes it easier to bear all o'this, you see ? You've made life easier. Thank you.
If you please, kind hunter... When the night of the hunt passes, s'pose, we could be friends, maybe ? Now, I know I hardly deserve it, but... Well, I had to just, ask, you know ? Heh heh...
Out of line, yes, perhaps so, but, well... Give it a thought, if you wouldn't mind, o'course... Heh heh...
Once the night of the hunt passes, s'pose we could be friends ? Give it a thought, well, if you wouldn't mind, heh heh...

(After Lonely Old Dear have been killed)
Oh, kind hunter... The old girl, the old girl you sent over... She's dead... Killed stone dead... Why... Musta been a beast, right ?
Or, d'ya think someone out there could've... I... I ... just don't... Ahh... Well, I do know. It's my fault, all mine...
Was it a beast ? Or, could someone from outside've come in and...? I just... don't... know...

(After Arianna have been killed)
Oh, kind hunter... The lady, the lady you sent over... She's dead... Killed stone dead...

(After Narrow Minded Men have been killed)
Oh, kind hunter... The old man, the old man you sent over... He's dead... Killed stone dead...

(After Sister Adella have been killed)
Oh, kind hunter... The 'oly woman, the 'oly woman you sent over... She's dead... Killed stone dead...

(After all of those have been killed)
Oh, kind hunter... How did this happen ? A beast, here... Why ? It's my fault. Savaged and eaten, every one, and it's all my fault... Gods, please, I'm sorry, so sorry...
I only wanted to help... Just once in my life... They told me it would never work... My mum always told me, everybody kept telling me... I should've know, I should've... Gods, please, I'm sorry, so sorry...

(After Kill Rom)
There ain't a peep to be heard, not in the whole town... I doubt there's any more out there... God save us... Yharnam's done for...
There ain't no more survivors, there can't be... Yharnam's done for... Hh hh...

(Attack him)
Uhh ! Eeek ! Please, no more ! It's my fault, I know, so ... help me, please... Haa haaaaa... Please, just stop... Please, stop, please !

(Kill him)
I just wanted to help... people...

- Patches the Spider

(First Encounter)
Oh, a hunter of beasts, are you ? Glory be. You know not the value you possess. But, more's the pity. The hours of the night are many, and the beasts more than I can count.
A veritable hunt unending ! Not even death offers solace, and the blood imbibes you. Ha, a most frightful fate, oh my. But I'm willing to do you a kindness.
Step lightly round to the right of the Great Cathedral, and seek an ancient, shrouded church. The gift of the godhead will grant you strenght... Yes, I'm unquestionably certain, heh heh...
Not even death offers solace, and the blood imbibes you. Seek you the ancient, shrouded church hidden to the right of the main cathedral. The gift of the godhead will grant you strenght...

(Be grabbed by the lesser Amygdala)
Heh heh heh... Oh Amygdala, oh Amygdala... Have mercy on the poor bastard... Hah hah hah !

(Talk to him through the door)
Heh heh... What a joy it is, to behold the divine. It must be such a pleasure. You're in my debt, you know. You're nigh on a beast of the field, but here you are, treading a measure with the gods. Heh heh...
Heh heh... Are your feet as fat as your wits ? Oh, cease this dithering ! Take the plunge ! Throw yourself to the wolves ! Heh heh...
Hah hah ! Don't dally, you lucky scamp ! The gift of the godhead cometh ! Heh heh ... yes ... hah hah !

(Talk while in his room)
Huh ! Oh, this cannot be, you cannot be... No, you didn't... Lord Amygdala... How did this come to pass ? Hmph ! Now, wait just a moment... Do you think ill of me, me ?

(Answer "No")
Indeed, I should think not ! I shared with you a thing most secret. Now you're witness to a miracle, and all the stronger for it ! You should appreciate it, if you've a grain of gratitude in you ! Heh heh... Yes, appreciate it ! Hah hah !

(Answer "Of course I think ill of you")
Oh, it pains me to hear it. You've made yourself a misreckoning. I shared with you a thing most secret. Now you're witness to a miracle, and all the stronger for it ! It's plain as a pikestaff.
Now, say in my heart, you were as a lamb to my god. Well, you weren't to know, and it wasn't for you to know. All's well that ends well, I say. Heh heh...

No matter. Such details are trifling. We're fast friends by now. Let this express what words cannot. Oh, doubt me not, sweet compeer. What is friendship, but a chance encounter ? Heh heh...
Ah, well met. My apologies, but I feel a profound though occurring... On the good grace of a certain god, and the way he meted out his love. Heh heh...

(After kill Amygdala)
Ah, well met. This is a most pleasing encounter. You see, I must depart erelong. My god is lost to me, so I must away to find another.
If the fates are kind, our paths may cross again. Sooner still, if you were to take the leap... Heh heh heh... Hah hah hah !
Oh, think not of poor Amygdala. Upon that piteous bastad, you bestowed salvation. Heh heh... All's well, that ends well... Heh heh...

(Talk in Chalice Dungeons)
Aah ! The sight of you is a balm to my eyes ! Truly, you are an indubitable, irrefutable friend ! And, my dear compeer, I vow once more to ease your burden ! Heh heh...

The time has come again I fear. But if the fate smile upon us, we'll soon meet again. Farewell, dear friend. Heh heh...

(Talk again)
Are you lacking, or just lost ?
What troubles you, dear companion ? Are you in need of my assistance ?

(Kill him)
Ergh, that was uncharitably done... That was uncharitably done, dear friend... Heh heh.
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